Keynote Speaker

Duck-Koo CHUNG

Chairman of NEAR Foundation

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Duck-Koo CHUNG is Chairman of North East Asia Research (NEAR) Foundation as well as Chairman of International Financial Report Standards (IFRS) Foundation. NEAR Foundation was founded in August, 2007 to establish collective security in Northeast Asia and to seek single market in Northeast Asia.

Chairman CHUNG is an acknowledged expert in the fields of International Finance, Trade and Economy. Holding B.A. degree in Commercial Science at Korea University and M.A. degree in Business Administration at University of Wisconsin-Madison, he is author, co-author and editor of numerous scholarly publications on Northeast Asian economy, economic globalization, and financial crisis in North East Asia region: Korea’s Globalization Strategies and Policy Dynamism 2003); Asian Financial Crisis in View of Mismatch Phenomena (2002); Korean Economy Beyond the Crisis (2004); Toward an East Asian Exchange Rate Regime (2007).

He has a teaching experience as Visiting Professor at Beijing University and Renmin University of China and Director of Korea Research Center for International Finance at Seoul National University. Also, he currently serves as Policy Advisor of Chinese Academy of Social Science.

From 1983 to 1999, he held the position of Vice Minister of Finance and Economy in Republic of Korea, and from 1999 to 2000, he worked as Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy in Republic of Korea.