About Forum

Trilateral Cooperation Youth Forum 2016 is a selective four-day program that aims to create a place for exchange for undergraduate and graduate school students from three countries – South Korea, Japan, and China – to critically think, discuss, and prepare for the common future of their nations.

This year’s forum, which will take place at Kyung Hee University from August 12-15, will focus on “Sustainable Coexistence and Co-prosperity in Northeast Asia.” Participants will actively engage in lectures given by Northeast Asia experts and discuss key issues in trilateral cooperation in the areas of economy, security, history, and environment. Ultimately, students will draft a youth statement that embodies the solidarity of the young generation for trilateral cooperation and prosperity.

The forum will provide a key opportunity for students to improve their understanding of the pressing issues for the three nations and Northeast Asia overall, and view them from new perspectives. Participants will also gain practical experience in utilizing their critical thinking, public speaking, and negotiating skills.

Hope to the Future Association believes that young generation holds the key to preparing for the common future of China, South Korea, and Japan. Through engaging the youth, we hope that this forum will lay a solid foundation for trilateral cooperation in the face of the multifaceted, ever-changing environment of the 21st century.