Duck-koo Chung

Chairman of the North East Asia Research Foundation

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Greetings. I am Duck-koo Chung, the Chairman of the NEAR Foundation.
It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Trilateral Cooperation Youth Forum 2016. I am honored to host this unique and meaningful event with Hope to the Future Association.

NEAR Foundation has been conducting research focusing on measures to develop a complimentary coexistence among Korea, China and Japan. As we are passing the transitional period, a structural and systematic balance is in high demand. Today, international cooperation is an evolving story where new challenges are confronted and new responses are crafted – and therefore, it is of utmost importance to remain flexible and keep options open. Thus, it is crucial to keep lines of communication open and work towards the common goal.

As a follow-up event to the “NEAR Korea ∙ China ∙ Japan SEOUL Process” conference, I hope this forum will allow university students to discuss and formulate opinions on the contents discussed by experts from the three nations, which will provide an opportunity for synergy between the innovative perspectives of students and the knowledge of experts. I am looking forward to forging new relationships and strengthening existing ties among Northeast Asian countries through the forum.

Thank you, I wish you all the best.