Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS)

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We welcome you to the Trilateral Cooperation Youth Forum 2016. We are greatly proud to support this advanced forum co-hosted by the Hope to the Future Association and NEAR Foundation.

The Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) is in eager pursuit of promoting peace and common prosperity among three countries – South Korea, Japan, and China - on the basis of equal participation of each government. From providing support for trilateral consultative mechanisms to promoting understanding of trilateral cooperation and facilitating cooperative projects, TCS is working on establishing cooperative relations among three countries.

This distinguished four-day forum aims to go to the heart of all matters relating to ‘Sustainable Coexistence and Co-prosperity in Northeast Asia’ in the perspective of the youth. As the first of its kind, this forum intents to bring together students to critically think and discuss on crucial matters of the three countries and actively engage in lectures from Northeast Asia specialist. It is also committed to raise awareness on pressing issues of the three countries and to foster greater understanding in the areas of economy, security, and history etc.

TCS believes that our role and support in this forum will help participants to widen the perspectives in all-dimensional and to have multi-level discussion on each issue. In addition to academic aspects, we look forward to provide fruitful experience and to help participants set up solid grasp on multifaceted issues of the Northeast Asia.

Once again, we are honored to support the Trilateral Cooperation Youth Forum 2016. We strongly believe the young generation are the strongest thruster of the trilateral cooperation in the near future.