Jin Hoan Choung

President, Hope to the Future Association

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It is my great pleasure to welcome you to Trilateral Cooperation Youth Forum 2016. We are proud to co-host this forum with NEAR Foundation for a selective four-day program of innovative youth-driven study and networking for future cooperation in China, South Korea, and Japan.

Hope to the Future Association believes that young generation holds the key towards achieving lasting peace, order, stability and prosperity in Northeast Asia, and hopes to open up new opportunities for the future leaders in Northeast Asia to get engaged on the pressing issues of the three nations. This will be a great opportunity to showcase innovative and scalable solutions and opinions on “Sustainable Coexistence and Co-prosperity in Northeast Asia” from the youth perspectives.

This four-day program will cover a wide range of topics including History, Security, Sustainable Development, and Economy. Prominent scholars from China, South Korea and Japan will deliver invaluable lectures on the topics that involve trilateral cooperation, and you will have opportunities to discuss these topics with your fellow participants.

I am strongly convinced that you will gain more than just knowledge from the forum. Through the forum, I hope you learn how to cooperate with others on an international level, view issues in different perspectives, and understand each other’s point of view.

I wish you all the best.